Therapy Session Fees

Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are billed at $120 for individual or $150 for couples/family appointments. The cost of appointments will vary, however, depending on the following factors: insurance company contract rates, deductibles, and pre-established copayments or co-insurance requirements. Clients are advised to contact their insurers to inquire about these cost structures in order to minimize confusion or unanticipated expenses. Copayments are expected at the time of each appointment. Self pay fees can be negotiated upon request.

My fee for missed appointments and late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) is $70. This is the least desirable fee to pay (and to collect) because it feels wasteful for both client and therapist alike. Nonetheless, this is a very important fee to be aware of and respect. There are 3 losses that these fees are intended to minimize; 1) clients losing treatment opportunities, 2) clients who are waiting for treatment losing out on opportunities for treatment, and 3) my need to earn a living. The $70 amount is low by conventional standards and does not cover my loss on these occasions. Many therapists require that their full fee be paid. Your insurance cannot be charged for missed appointments.

In exchange for your respect of my policy, I will be respectful and fair regarding various circumstances where appointments need to be changed. I do not charge clients when weather conditions are clearly hazardous. If you can fill a vacant appointment time in the same week you are needing to make a late cancellation, I will not charge this fee. Likewise, if you need to cancel on short notice and I am still able to fill your time with someone on my cancellation list, I will waive this fee.

Accidents, emergencies, illnesses and childcare misfortunes are common reasons for clients to miss their appointments. I am sympathetic to these circumstances because they happen to all of us. Nonetheless, it would not be affordable for me to waive my fee whenever this happens. If you have concerns about the likelihood of needing to make short notice cancellations, please discuss this with me at the outset of treatment.

If you do not have insurance or choose not to use it, then I will discuss a self-pay fee option with you. This may be my full fee or a reduced fee depending on financial circumstances and the nature of the services being required.

There are certain services that I may be called upon to provide that will be charged at different rates (ie. court appearances, depositions, school meetings, report preparations). These services are not typically covered by insurance plans, and these costs will be discussed and agreed to prior to the services being provided.

Prior to beginning treatment it would be prudent for you to verify that your insurance plan will cover my services. I have contracts with the majority of insurers providing plans to NH residents, but not with all of them. You are encouraged to verify your insurance benefits and coverage with your insurer by phone, website, or benefit handbook, and seek answers to the following questions:

  1. Is Dr. Kandle in my plan’s provider network ?
  2. Do I have a deductible to satisfy? How much?
  3. What is my co-payment per visit?

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