All Aboard the Emotional Express

Something terribly painful has happened.  A heartbreak of loss, death, betrayal, abuse, abandonment, or trauma, has rocked your ship to its core.  The anguish feels overwhelming and dangerous to face head on.  Somehow this pain must be dealt with so that it doesn’t consume you. Emotional overwhelm can either gush out uncontrollably or get locked […]

Your Most Beautiful Smile

We live in an age where virtually everyone is in possession of a camera at all times.  That means being summoned to smile for them more than ever.  Some people smile comfortably when cameras are pointed at them, while others feel awkward and must force themselves to “pose” as best they can.  Forced smiles often […]

Forgive Wisely

Somebody important hurt you.  Now what? To forgive or not to forgive?  Under the right circumstances, forgiveness has the power to heal wounds, both within us and between us.  It can repair or improve a relationship, help an offender grow, and enable the release of anger, distrust, and sadness.  But what are those “right conditions” […]